Lakewood DUBZ

Thursday, May 28 (All day)

THANKS to all who came out to the weekly dubs. Its been fun! Really appreciate the support for the club as well as for the course.  

Welcome to 2014 Lakewood Thursday night weekly dubz!!


feel free to prepay anytime before 6pm


ACE $0 GREAT JOB NICK WOOD!!! Aced hole #18 on the 7th.

BBC pot $11    



Here is my two cents about Lakewood weekly dubs,as of late.

By:Keith Lionetti

To put it bluntly, I am burnt out on running the weekly dubs at Lakewood. I put enough years in and added enough cool features,but I can only do so much. As we wrap up August I think we will have to say goodbye to a very long running tradition.

HUGE shouts out to all who have supported Lakewood Thursday night dubs. Sorry once again for the long time supporters. If it is meant to continue than I am sure something will be done about it. If not,, it sure has been pretty awesome while it lasted.  

For a strong disc golf community,support what is out there,and tell many others to do the same. CHEERS!!



2014 Format is as follows:We start with 20 cards first, the previous CTP winners from the week before(if they show) get to pick a card each to decide the CTP holes.If they don't show 2 random players pick 2 cards. Then poker chips are picked to determine who your partner is. At the end of the round there will be 5 cards randomly picked to determine the 5 BBC(blind birdie cash) holes. If you or your partner get all 5 holes birdied you get the BBC.If no one hits the BBC or the ACE it carries over.

Price is $7 or $10 

$7 option:

$1 goes to POT

$1 goes to club

$5 goes to payout

$10 option 

$1 goes to POT

$1 goes to club

$5 goes to payout

$2 goes to two CTP holes

$1 goes to BBC



GREAT JOB MING VANG !! Ming Aced Hole #17, during Lakewood Thursday night weekly dubs.First ace for 2014. Also him and his partner Darlene got all 5 birdies for the Birdie pot. mingace


 Nice job Dave Towe!! Hole #3 ACE for $320






Great turnout for the after round "oposite hand long distance jump/turbo putt challenge"  Winner won a chance for a trip to MARS!! 

More on that here. Be the first one to play disc golf on mars..


Great job Dan Medina and Andy Foster shooting a course record -16 tonight.





Great job Josh G hitting the ACE!!!

Great job Ming/Andy being the first to cash with BBC



Congrats Garrett Schwab on your ACE on Hole #13 hit on 5-9-13 ,and also for the -12 to win, cheers!!





Congrats Jeff on your most recent ACE!! Hole #3 first hole to start the round

Photo May 02, 8 10 27 PM



Great Job William on your ACE!!! One of the higher amounts this year. Cheers!




Great job Bjorn Pinney nailing the ACE on hole #10 at the 9-20 Lkwd Dubs. bjorn 

playing on the same card I was lucky enough to see this perfect shot. 

Didn't even hit the chains, nuthin but basket..


A couple weeks back the ace was hit so the pot was pretty low. Bjorn earned himself 20,000 yen...

Great Job Bjorn..


Great job Doug on hitting the ACE on hole #3 during the Thursday night dubs 

on 9-6-12


as seen here he was pretty stoked to get $140 cold hard cash. 

And in chainbanger fashion, the big check is pretty cool as well.

Cheers Doug! great job!!!


Here is something completely new and maybe a little overkill, but oh well.

Online prepay: Pay online for the week prior, or even up to 6 weeks in advance, if you wish. Then all you gotta do is just show up and throw down.

weeks in advance







The format is random doubles and there are three holes that you have an opportunity to get CTP skrilla for. 

The cost is $10 with a break down as such: $5 goes towards payout $1 goes to the ace pot $1 goes to the chainbangers disc golf club $3 goes to the three rotaing CTP holes. Now with the pro shop on site there have been some bonus hot dogs,candy bars, and the occasional Lakewood Dubs t-shirt given out as a token of appreciation to those who support the weekly dubs and sometimes get discouraged by not winning anything. We hope to expand on these incentive packages so that you feel the love that the club as well as the players feel for the participation. 



14 players, 7 teams tonight.

no aces but an amazing 14 down shot by chainbanger team member Bjorn Pinney and Ming Vang. 




Out of 18 players tonight there was tie for first place with a 7 down.

Winners decided to split it four ways instead of a play off. 

Thanks everyone for the support, hope to see you next week.

I think a new course record was set with Mings 5 year old son and Ming as partners shooting a -5.

Also very happy to have WORLD CHAMP JIM MYERS show up for a round of dubs. 

This was actually his second time showing up a year ago, almost to the date. Its always great to have a player of this caliber grace Lakewood with their presence. I was honored to share the pad and play a round wih Jim. He is a great guy and I was thankful to be one the same card. These days I'm just thankful to play 18 holes,but this was quite a treat. Thanks again Jim for stopping by and for hanging out and playing a round. Stop by anytime and we'll get you a tee time.

The game of golf,especially disc,is a game of integrity,honor & respect. Disc golf is also a priveledge for us all,and should not be taken for granted. This long running tradition needs to be passed on to all the new players so that it is understood and also passed on to the next generation. If you enjoy the sport and are as passionate about it as I am as well as a huge number of players are, please do your part and pass it on. 



lucky 6 players this week.

no aces hit, but good times were had.. i know your jealous,and wondering who won.

Well you'll just have to show up next week to find out.




12 playas out for this one.

No aces hit.Good times and great oldies







10 players came out tonight. Was a calm no wind evening, perfect disc golf conditions. 

the OG's Ming and Keith took it tonight with -14 

The Shanchez brothers both walked with a ctp,and Rodney also got himself a CTP win under his belt. 

There were a few basket hits and a couple chains ratlled but no aces hit tonight...

Cheers guys, thanks for the support


First Sunday Dubs results:

3 groups went out today

Ming Vang/ Steve Paulus shot and amazing -12

Ming also got all 3 CTP's. 

Nice work. 




Congratulations Bjorn Pinney on a great ACE #79 to date, and 2 new course records WOW!!!! what a day , see highlights below. 

November 20th results...This day was a great day for a few people, but mainly Bjorn Pinney. Not only did he shoot an AMAZING round of disc golf for the 3rd Sunday Lakewood Acepot with a new course record -15 !!!!!! holy shit! no way......But after the singles round decided to also play in the weekly doubles. He teamed up with Ming and had Aaron Holley and Rob "Ace" Berg to compete against. Keep in mind they just got done playing a 27 hole format, for the singles. They all four played a great round,both doubles teams went into the 18th hole TIED,at beating the current weekly doubles low (-13) at an unheardof -15 SO to break the tie they needed to have a hole off. On hole #1 Bjorn nailed an ACE to not only make the new course history low (-17) but also win the match and make for his 79th ACE..... Truly a pretty bad ass day of events...

Needless to say we are very proud to have Bjorn join team chainbangerz recently. This is something we have been wanting for quite some time, and are very glad to have him as part of our team. Thanks Bjorn your an inspiration to allot of disc golfers out there.

Great Job today, and KEEP THE CHAINS BANGIN!!!!






Garret Schwab

Andy Farris

Tood Pravencha

Kye Doerr

Steve Paulus




Todd/Todd (Ca. & Nv.)


Garret/Andy were victorious with a -8 

Kye, Andy and Steve all got a CTP each. 

Thanks for the support guys. Hope to see you next week.





4 groups and a cali

-13 was the winner Ming/Aaron

no aces were hit 




New Years DUBZ

14 peoples, good turnout

With a 2 way two for 1st and 2nd place there was a hole off, 

the winnners were: Erick & Eric followed by Ray and Ace

with 3rd place going to Steve and John


great job guys, thanks for the support.




13 players out today for 6 teams and one cali

the lowest score today was -10 Way to go Ming/trevor

follwed behind by a -8 Garrett/ACE


Thanks for the support guys!!


2 teams

Ming Vang/Steve Paulus winners




6 teams

Anthony hamilton/Brandon Parsons -14

Ray McKillop/Nick Wood -10 2nd place after tie breaker hole

Ming Vang/Jon Wils 3rd place

Andy foster/Ace Burg -8 3rd place after tie breaker hole

Mexi Joe/Steve Paulus 4th after tie